Fast & Fit Intermittent Fasting Diet Pill, Appetite Control, Weight Management, Energy Restoration + Electrolytes with Probiotics & Vitamin C (2-Pack)

Angry Supplements

MAXIMIZE YOUR FASTING RESULTS – Fast and Fit aids you by suppressing the appetite and replenishing energy lost from partaking in intermittent fasting, fat loss diets and even keto diets. Our Fasting Diet Pill is an easy solution to the lack of energy and annoying cravings you can experience! This allows you to maximize your fasting efforts and achieve the results you want much faster!


RESTORES ELECTROLYTES – Our hand-crafted formula provides two of the most important electrolytes so your body’s muscles can maintain peak function throughout your fast. Potassium and Sodium play a very important role within your body so we’ve made to include them in this robust formula.


PROMOTES A HEALTHY GUT – Psyllium husk and Acidophilus power help to promote and maintain a healthy gut environment while you fast. This in combination with Vitamin C and B6 makes it so your immune system is also taken care of. Fasting doesn’t have to mean you neglect your body and with Fast & Fit you can experience the many benefits of fasting all while catering to your body’s basic needs.


MADE IN THE USA – Never worry about what you’re putting into your body. Angry Supplements products are proudly made in the USA at a GMP certified facility. Our products contain zero artificial ingredients, chemicals or preservatives.


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