Wholesale Opportunities


Angry Supplements is currently accepting wholesale and distributor applications. Our wholesale and distribution program give qualified distributors and business owners a great opportunity to achieve good margins while growing a sustainable business with Angry Supplement products.

High quality sports and health nutritional products are at an all-time high demand by consumers! Our wide range of products are made in the USA, with 100% all-natural and non-gmo ingredients and are economically priced. We offer an array of unique products that appeal to all genders and adult age groups. We are constantly updating our catalog with new products that cater to the current market trends, keeping our products relevant in an ever-changing marketplace. 

Angry Supplements Program Requirements:
  • Must have a valid Business with a current US Federal Tax ID 
  • Minimum order for wholesale pricing is 80 units per SKU
  • Must agree on MSRP pricing for all online sales channels 


Please use the links below to shop:
https://www.faire.com/brand/b_csj4e3i0xi  - Shop via Faire.com. Offers case packs of 30 units per SKU (30 unit boxes)
https://range.me/f772LKfiVyaFgO-_A5QNiA - Shop via RangeMe.com. Offers purchasing by the bottle.

Email us at info@angrysupplements.com or fill out an application below. We will be happy to discuss an opportunity with you and give out pricing. Please allow 1-2 business days for an Angry Supplements representative to contact you.