About Us

Angry Supplements is a high-growth, socially responsible company focused on all-natural health products for all genders and age groups.  

As a locally owned business, Angry Supplements launched into the nutrition marketplace with a single goal in mind:    
Designing the ideal supplements by concentrating on the perfect mix of ingredients, at the correct dosage, to optimize results and make accessible for all genders and age groups.
As a gym owner and personal trainer, the founder of Angry Supplements noticed many of his friends and family members complaining about various ailments and lack of results.  From weight loss to inflammation to low energy levels, they were getting discouraged at not achieving their health and fitness goals. 
At first, clients were given a list of multiple supplements to purchase and incorporate into their daily regimen.  This led to an expensive and unsustainable routine of taking multiple supplements at a difficult to gauge dosage.  The founder also spent time managing a brick and mortar supplement store in South Florida and gaining a better understanding for what customers wanted and needed.

Frustrated and Angry at the lack of choices in the market, Angry Supplements was born out of necessity. In collaboration with the top chemists in the industry, Angry Supplements created a line of products with potent formulas that contain the correct mix of top quality, all-natural ingredients. This company created fusion formulas one person at a time, one product at a time, until they got it right.
Some things in life should never change and having a healthy mind and body should not be where you compromise. All Angry Supplements products are made in the USA at a GMP certified facility that adheres to strict FDA guidelines.


      Angry Supplements has grown rapidly, and is dedicated to continuous development of new and innovative products. We don't just release a product to market like every other company! We offer our customers the support they really need and make the Angry Supplements customer experience special. Once you have purchased our products we will offer follow up advice, diet plans, and fitness health tips to make sure that you not only reach your goals-but surpass them!