What's in a Label?

September 13, 2019

Before making a purchase, you do your research. You read the reviews, compare brands and learn about the specific benefits. Once you narrow down your final decision, this supplement becomes a form of hope. Will it be the miracle remedy for your fatigue, weight loss journey or perhaps boosting your immune function?

You complete your purchase and anxiously await the arrival to your doorstep. A few days later, you rip the box open, break the seal, take a serving and wait for the effects to kick in! But wait…Have you thoroughly read the label?! You may not have clear insight to all the information on the label... and there’s a lot to look at here!

We’ve created an easy-to-read diagram to ensure that you are most knowledgeable when it comes to making your next purchase with Angry Supplements!

Now let’s break it down together!

Serving Size: This area helps to identify the number of capsules or tablets you should take. It is an important reference point to help understand the percentage of ingredients depending on if a serving size is just 1 capsule versus 2 capsules. Just below the serving size, you’ll see the total number of servings within the bottle.
Key Ingredients: This area lists ingredients along with their amounts per serving and percentage of daily value. If an ingredient is bolded, that means there are a few nutrients that make up the composition of that ingredient. Essentially, you can see the importance and potency of specific ingredients in your supplement. If an ingredient is listed as 5% daily value or less, the supplement is low in that nutrient. If a supplement contains an ingredient listed as 20% daily value or more, it is high in that specific nutrient. 
Other Ingredients: In this section, you’ll find ingredients that are not key to the nutritional benefits. This could include fillers, binders, and ingredients that make up capsules. This is an important section to look at for those who are vegetarians. The traditional capsules are made primarily from gelatin which are commonly known as softgels. These are used to encompass oils, liquids or powders in a pill form. There are also veggie capsules made from vegetable cellulose, which are becoming favorable for those who choose to avoid animal products - like gelatin, which is an animal protein.  It is important to note that as a vegetarian, it is also extremely import to read through all the “Key Ingredients” to decipher if the supplement is truly plant-based. If you are looking for a great vegetarian supplement, try Saffron
Health Function Category: This is the section where the supplement is categorized based on its health claims. This helps you to understand how this supplement will benefit you. Specifically, on   the label shown above, it  claims “Gut Health Blend.” By reading that statement,   you will understand that this supplement will aid in benefiting your gut. 
Function Claim: Underneath the Health Function Category, you will see Function Claim. On the label above, there are 3 illustrations which claims, “weight loss,” “infused with live cultures” and “digestive health.” This category helps you to further understand what the supplement is going to do for you and why it will be beneficial for your gut health.  
Suggested Use: This section is important, especially if it’s your first time taking a certain supplement. This area indicates when to take a supplement, the number of tablets or capsules to  ingest, and how best to take it - with a meal, on an empty stomach, with plenty of water or a duration of time before bed.
Cautions: This section alerts you that the supplement may cause discomfort or adverse reactions. This is also where warnings are listed such as avoid taking if you are pregnant or nursing, under the age of 18, or have any known medical conditions. Before taking a supplement, it is always advised to consult with a doctor first. 

FDA Claim: In this section you will see a disclaimer stating that the product has not been evaluated by the FDA and  should not be used to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease. The   purpose  of this statement is to bring attention to the fact that this is a dietary supplement and should be used with caution as it has not been evaluated by the FDA.


Certificates: In this section, you will see a variety of symbols on the bottle such as the recycle symbol, 100% Natural symbol, the GMP symbol, Made in the USA symbol, and occasionally the vegetarian symbol. The recycle symbol indicates that our bottles are produced from recycled materials. The 100% Natural symbol denotes that our manufacturers use 100% natural ingredients when producing our supplements and products. The GMP symbol stands for “Good Manufacturing Practices,” which our manufacturers abide by this standard. Our products are manufactured and produced in the United States. If a supplement is 100% plant-based including the capsule, the bottle will have the vegetarian symbol shown on the label.



So, now that you’ve been Angry educated! Show off your new-found knowledge to your friends and family, and share this beneficial information.

As health and wellness advocates, we want you to live the best life you can! We are thrilled that you have chosen Angry Supplements to be a part of your wellness journey.