6 Secrets How Testestorone Boosters Help You in the Bedroom

6 Secrets How Testestorone Boosters Help You in the Bedroom

May 05, 2017

It's really surprising how much we fade over time without even realizing it. It's essentially the compound effect in reverse. The negative flow of gravity takes over all things, and some times it happens so slowly that we really don't even notice it. 

At one point in most of our lives we had no problem performing in the bedroom, however as we get older...this tends to diminish, and if we don't do something change that direction, the situation can get into a CODE RED ALERT. That's were a Premium, High Quality Testosterone Booster can help some guys. Below are 6 ways that a booster can help.

1.) Drive

Testosterone is one of the main hormones that govern your drive, or want of intimate sexual experience. Obviously, if you want to have an experience, your partner will be able to sense this, and she will reciprocate wanting the same experience as well. So, if you find yourself feeling as if you are too tired to have sex, or "just not in the mood" then perhaps you should, at the very least try a Testosterone Supplement to offset these feelings of a lack of want.

2.) Heighten Experience

Optimized Testosterone levels help Increase your passion, which in turn helps increase her passion-the by product of that, is a massively improved bond and relationship. Being more intimate, and appreciating the entire process because your fully confident and alive. Be able to enjoy your partner instead of worrying the whole time. Being the man that she expects you to be by increasing sensitivity & clarity with every touch. Acquire the patience to appreciate all your partner has to offer.  

3.) Control of Climax

Lasting longer is always a large concern for most men, including myself. The last thing that any guy wants is to have to let his partner down by finishing before being able to completely satisfy your loved one. When you use a good, quality testosterone supplement-there is no need to play any mind tricks, like thinking about your grandma-so that you don't finish first. Be completely in the moment without thinking about any future premature shortcomings.

4.) Improved Blood Flow

There is a difference between having an erection to perform, and having the types of erections that you had when you were 18 years old....when you were actually worried that you wouldn't be able to keep the thing down when your sitting in class. Higher testosterone levels were what delivered this strong blood flow to your erection. If you were able to achieve this same feeling every time you were in that special moment, it would help you pleasure your partner at the peak of your abilities. You both would be able to feel the difference.

5.) Low Refractory Period (Recover from Orgasm in Less Time)

Ever get finished performing, and feel you did an amazing job, but then not feel the need, or ability to go again until the next day, or even next week? Well, if you are not familiar, your refractory period is the time between orgasm. Progesterone Levels dictates your refractory If higher not good. Lower refractory period.

6.) Pheromone Release

Higher testosterone levels help releasing of pheromone scents that attract others to you. In the bedroom, these scents reach your partner on a sub-conscious primal level that signals her into accepting you for sexual activity. Pheromones are an essential part of the mating experience that was programmed from nature.


As a wrap up, if you feel that you are not able to do what you used to, interested in stepping up your game for your younger partner, or just blowing the socks off your partner your trying to rekindle your sex life with. Test out if a Testosterone Booster will work for you.